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10 Things Music does in your life that you do not know



10 Things Music does in your life that you do not know

Music means different things to different people. Your interpretation of music is what music becomes to you. However in other to separate music from noise and other unpleasant sound. Music is an organised sound that is pleasing to the ear and soul. From this definition, it is obvious that music has some fundamental features that separates it from noise and other sounds.

10 Things Music does in your life that you do not know

The benefits of music also depends on the need of the listener. Most people listen to music to help them medicate, reflect and cogitate. In this case, gospel music, love songs, RnB  and some other solemn music is preferred. Most people also listen to music to forget their sorrows and in this case, some encouraging and motivational songs are
recommended. However, some people listen to music to help them go crazy, go gaga, go wild and enjoy life to the fullest. in this case, hiphop, jazz, and some other crazy music is highly recommended.

Features of music

Music regardless of the type, has peculiar features that distinguish it from noise and these features includes:

1. Organised sounds : Every sound is not a music. For a sound to be considered music, it must be organised . It must have an organised sound and an arranged vocal supplement.

2. It must be capable of adding value to the listener.

3. it must fall within any of the recognized genres of music.

4. It must be meaningful

10 Things Music does in your life that you do not know

1. Music is the greatest cure for High Blood Pressure. When you listen to good and reasonable music, your blood pressure gets regulated. This is automatic. The greatest job of music is to please the soul and mind and when the mind is pleased, the blood pressure is regulated

2. Music breeds love. One of the greatest medication of booster of love is music. When you listen to love songs and other RnB, you will be surprised that the next thing while listening to the music is to start thinking of your loved ones, especially what you will do to make them happy and how you will do that. When there is a misunderstanding
in love, music restores the feelings.

3. Music heals a broken heart. Are you a man or a woman who is currently facing heart break? Do not bother yourself much, sit or lay down on your bed and listen to a cool music and you will be filled with strengths and hopes.

4. Music cures depression:  Depression is the greatest enemy of life and happiness. The two greatest cure for depression are love and music.

5. Music inspires: Good music inspires someone, gives him the zeal and strength to face life and its challenges. Good music encourages one never to give up in life. Good music is an energy booster.

6. Music Educates and enlightens the listener: Reasonable and well thought out music educates the listeners. There are so many music that deals with true life stories. Such music educates the listener and makes him understand or learn how to behave or act when faced with certain life challenges.

7. Music elongates life: Listening to music often elongates the life of the listener unconsciously. When you listen to good music, a kind of joy comes over you and every sadness disappears and a happy man is a healthy man and good health fetches long life.

8. Music cures mental illness: Good and solemn music is the greatest cure for every psychological defect. When you are faced with life challenges that throw you off balance, making you psychologically weak and incapable of reasoning properly, it is advised that you listen frequently to calm and reasonable music.

9. Music encourages personal reflection: Reflection is the moment when a man or woman sits or lays downs in  a very quiet and private place and have a deep thinking of the past, present and future , and make necessary adjustments in life.

10. Finally and summarily, Music gives life after God, music is life, music is health, music is a source of joy and music. Music brings joy and gives the listener reasons to live.

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